Handyman Services in Singapore

Handyman service is the first thing that comes to mind when there is household repair and maintenance to perform. With the current fast-paced life getting busier and faster by day, the demand for handyman services is without a doubt, increasing as well. With a busier and more hectic life, home owners these days do not seem to have the extra time to handle miscellaneous jobs at home, for example, repainting of walls or cabinets, plumbing matters, electrical repair, installation of LED light bulbs, minor door repairs and etc. Hence, they tend to opt for help from handymen – every home owner’s best friend and lifesaver!

Handyman versus Contractor

Some may be a little confused with the jobs title of “handyman” and “contractor”, as their job scope often overlaps with one another. To make it clear, a handyman is a skilled individual who does minor odd repairing jobs catered to all home owners, some examples of the services they provide are, plumbing works, painting service, electrical service, door replacement service, carpentry service, drywall repair, exterior home repair, tile repair and replacement service. Meanwhile on the other hand, a contractor is a general manager who specialises in bigger projects and is licensed. Which means the bigger the problem within your home then there’s a higher chance that you will need to hire a contractor instead of getting a handyman.

With that being said, the cost of hiring a handyman is generally much more affordable than a contractor too. Some handymen charge by hour while others charge by the job they were given. A contractor’s project is bigger, needs more materials and often, what a handyman cannot accomplish. This will explain the difference in their costs they charge. Besides, a general repairman also known as a handyman will be able to complete several small tasks per visit so to keep things well organised, it is better if you have a list for your handyman before he starts working on any repairing works.

Handyman Equipment

Electricial Service

General Electrical Repair and Maintenance Work.

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LED Light Installation

Replace Conventional Lights with LED Lights.

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Plumbing Service

Handyman performs plumbing work.

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Painting Service

New Coat of Paint for House and Office.

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Water Heater Installation

Safety is our Main Concern.

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Carpentry Service

Customize Shelves and Repair Wood Work.

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Our Home Repair Services

We aim to provide quality household repair and maintenance services. Our handyman is skilled in electrical, plumbing, carpentry, etc. work. Contact us now at +65 6871 8971 to get your house fixed properly and nicely.

Handyman Service in Singapore

Choosing the Handyman

We are all aware of how sceptical we can be when it comes to hiring a handyman. We wouldn’t know the legitimacy of this handyman, how skilful is he when it comes to home repair or how trustworthy he is. After all, we are opening our doors to let a “stranger” into our premises. It is normal for people to have their doubts and questions when it comes down to hiring a handyman. So, here are a few how-tos to aid you through the choices of handymen out there.

  1. Check their reviews prior to hiring them.

One of the best ways to know how good a handyman is to read up their reviews online or by asking around. A genuinely good handyman will be rated 5-stars out of 5 by everyone! They can be praised for the prices they charge, their efficiency and the end product. Then, you will know that this handyman is who you want to hire!

  1. Be aware of those who come knocking at your door

We often hear about the horror stories of handyman who comes knocking at door telling you that somewhere around your house needs a little fixing but they ended up being a scam! So this is why you should be very careful with those “handyman” who knocks at your door when you didn’t even hire one. Just make sure that you get in touch with a reliable handyman before you start on your home maintenance work.

  1. Do not pay a full amount upfront

There is something fishy if your handyman asks for a full payment way before he gets started on his work. A trustworthy handyman will only ask for a certain amount of deposit prior to the start of your home maintenance work. Beware of those who ask for a full payment upfront, it is better to change him out if he insists on getting the full amount of price quoted.

  1. Get your quotations

Once you know which handyman would you like to engage with, it is time for you to get the estimations. You will not want something that is over your budget and overly priced for the minor repairing works that you need. Get price estimation and the time needed to finish it so you will know when and how much money you should get ready with.

  1. Lower the costs by prepping

Certain aspects of the costs can be lowered by getting your house ready for your handyman. First of all, get some cleaning done before your handyman arrives. Make sure there is sufficient space for your handyman to work. Move your furniture or other stuffs away so that he can work in a comfortable space. Next, ask your handyman if there are any materials that he needs. If he does, do you have said material at home? If your answer is yes, then you are able to further lower down the home repair cost.

Useful Tools for Handyman and General Household Repairs

Great tools for handyman

Reliable Office and Residential Repairman

It is not impossible to get in touch with a trustworthy and reliable handyman. If you have any problems in finding one, come and ask us! We provide skilled individuals who are highly trained to help with your house repair work. We offer handymen with plumbing service, electrical service, painting service, carpentry service, drilling service, floor tile replace service, door replacement service and so on. To know more about the handyman services we provide, just reach us at +65 6871 8971 and we are more than happy to assist you!

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