3 Best Cleaning Services Companies After Repair Work

Cleaning services is what you need after the handyman has performed the home repair and maintenance work. Imagine the mess created by the plumber after repair done on your sewage pipes. How about clearing the dust and dirt in the house after floor tile replacement work? Would you like to perform the cleaning yourself or would you prefer to engage a company providing house and office cleaning services to clean up the mess for you? The answer is obvious, and that is, to get a cleaning company to do it for you.

Then the next question is, which cleaning company should you contact for such cleaning work. The most important consideration is good cleaning outcome and affordable cleaning fee.

Cleaning Services Singapore Inc.

This cleaning company is known for its excellent cleaning work. The cleaners are well-trained to perform cleaning work for residential and commercial properties. For residential property, it includes HDB flat, condominium apartment and landed property.

The cleaning fee quoted by this company is affordable though not the cheapest in Singapore. On the whole, it is considered the most value-for-money cleaning services due to its high quality cleaning given the price.

Avalon Services

Avalon Services is well known for their adhoc cleaning work. Our customers rated the firm well for the cleaning task after handyman work. It has a systematic process of assigning the cleaning work to the its cleaning staff and strict cleaning procedures to ensure quality of cleaning services. It has a reasonably affordable pricing for its cleaning tasks. For a quick response to your cleaning request, Avalon Services may be the answer.

post repair cleaning services

Kleepers (Singapore) Pte Ltd

The third cleaning company which we are recommending is Kleepers (Singapore) Pte Ltd. The company provide good cleaning services. In its website, it also provides you the estimated time it would take to clean your place. If the first 2 cleaning companies which we recommend do not have the capacity to take on your adhoc cleaning job, Kleepers (Singapore) Pte Ltd may be the one which can meet your needs for good cleaners on adhoc cleaning.

After you have used the service of the above cleaning companies, please let us have your feedback. If you think of other cleaning companies with better cleaning services and more affordable cleaning rates, please also let us know so that others can benefit from your recommendation.

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