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Skilled carpenter is never easy to find. Do you know that carpentry works have come a long way? You might be surprised to know that in today’s time, carpentry is one of the oldest and highly established trades in the world!

So, what are the job scopes of a carpenter? Do they go around cutting wood planks, sawing wood and nailing wood pieces together? Is that all they really do? Well, technically a carpenter is someone who builds furniture pieces that you see at home, like your TV console, kitchen cabinet, wardrobe and coffee table! Since there are different types of carpenters, thus, the scale of carpentry works doesn’t stop at “just” furniture pieces too. Some carpenters are also in charge of mega constructions, concrete work and building of highways and ships. Those high and mighty buildings you see in CBD area might just be the outcome of a carpenter’s doing together with other engineers and construction workers. Although their role in these works might not be as major as before but still, team work makes the dream work!

Besides, carpentry services provided by a carpenter may even extend to the skills of joiner. This means that the carpenter is able to make door frames, kitchen cabinets, countertops, molding and also, trimming. The carpenter’s joiner skills are important because when they attach the pieces together, they have to make sure that the appearance is aesthetically pleasing with no “rough” and “undetailed” ending to the specific work.

Carpenter Customizes Shelves and Storage

You most probably understand the pain of homeowners as they browse through catalog after catalog, page after page of all the furniture pieces (specifically the shoe rack which you see first thing after you open the door) that you need. But sadly, nothing catches your eyes; there is nothing that interests you among all the pieces available. You want something special, unique pieces that are especially just for you and your household. This is when a carpenter with swift carpentry services swoop in to your rescue! One of the carpentry services provided by a carpenter is making customised shelves, shoe racks and cabinets. Now you know who to call when you are need of a remarkable piece in the presence of your homes.

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Our Carpentry Service

Our skilled carpenter is ready to repair your damage closet and cabinets as well as customizing new storage and shelves for you. Contact us now at +65 6871 8971 to get the best carpentry service in Singapore.

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Carpenter Repairs Damaged Furniture

In addition to the wonders a carpenter can do, your trusted carpenter is able to fix and restore your old broken cabinets or any wood made furniture pieces that you own. Yes, just because something is broken does not mean that it needs to be thrown out, because most of the time, a little fixing goes a long way. Even when it seems like it is beyond salvage, try ringing your carpenter over to have a look at it before deciding it is to be cast out of the house.

Hiring the Right Person for Carpentry Service

The hands of a carpenter certainly do magic. With a touch and with the help of some tools, many things can be done by your carpenter. This is how essential a carpenter is to homeowners, are you thinking of hiring one now? Don’t worry, hiring a carpenter is not mission impossible. You just have to know who and which to engage with.

Abide the number one rule – asking around. You know what they say, words of men are the best marketing tool. Indeed it is, you know you are putting yourself into the safe hands of a carpenter if his clients are behind his back, upholding their Scout’s honour for the quality of his end products, the carpentry services that he provide and even for who the person he is. Do not just jump into the first name that pops up as you enter “local carpenters” into the search engine. Look up at his reviews and ask for recommendations from everyone you know. A thorough research is always safer, for you and your homes!

Great Tools for Woodwork!

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We Provide Skilled Carpenter in Singapore

We take great pride in our professional carpenters and are able to provide amazing carpentry services as well as carpentry works. Need a carpenter to help you customize shelves, racks and cabinets? Call us. Need a carpenter to restore your broken wooden pieces? Ring us and get in touch with us now at +65 6871 8971!

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