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When you think of DIY projects, hanging new photo frames up the wall, installing new appliances and so on, you will notice that many of these projects will need you to do some drilling. Or you can use manual force, picking up a hammer and you start banging the nail into the wall, but that’s the challenge. A slight distraction and you might end up hammering your own thumb. Or if you are someone who can be a little careless like me, then it would mean hammering our own thumb for who-knows-how-many times. Yikes, can’t even imagine the torment that will bring! So, what now? There are some things in the house that needs a little fixing and putting together. Using a hammer and nail isn’t the best choice and you don’t own a power drill. Not much of a choice, do you?

With the New Year just rolled in, there might be some changes that you want to do to your home. Out with the old and in with the new, it’s good for the fengshui, they said. True, some old appliances and furniture pieces at home need to be removed. Maybe you need a new book rack, another shoe rack (because we only have a pair of legs but we can own 200 pairs of shoes) or just hanging up new frames around to increase the appearance for your home. There is a lot of drilling work to do in order to install the pieces.

Outsource Your Drilling Task

Here’s one easy way out for your troubles – reaching for your right hand man also known as the handyman! Calling your handyman a superman is an understatement when he can take away 98% of our troubles regarding home maintenance. You read it right; a handyman is capable of carrying out tasks around your house that drilling and installing would be as easy as ABC for him! Spare yourself the pain and agony. Get your handyman come running to you with his power drill to get all the drilling and installing work done for you!

The combination of a handyman and his power drill holds a power so strong that will stun you! From making furniture pieces to hanging knick knacks, there is almost nothing that they cannot do. A handyman is a skilled individual who helps with repair works in and out of your house while the power drill can do a lot of things, which include drilling a hole in woods, walls and plastics. Double power indeed!

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Our Drilling Services

We have the appropriate drilling tools to perform the necessary handyman tasks. Don't risk hurting yourself. Get us in to do the manual work and heavy lifting for you.

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Common Things which Need Drilling

Here is just a list of the many things that your handyman can do together with his drill:

  1. Installing or removing doors
  2. Installing or removing wall cabinets
  3. Drilling holes in walls for you to hang mirrors, frames or lightings
  4. Installing ceiling fans
  5. Installing power sockets

And the list can go on and on and on and on. The bottom line is having a reliable handyman’s contact in your phone will save you all the trouble and headache. No drilling and installing work is too hard for your handyman! Neither is any home maintenance work.

Getting the Right Handyman for the Work

Having trouble looking for a handyman? Not sure who to call when trouble rolls itself to your doorstep? Having… trust issues with a stranger? Your infinite questions has finally found their answers with us. Our skilled handymen are everything you are looking for! They are trained and highly efficient with their work. All the drilling, installing and minor home repair works are pieces of cake to our handymen!

Most importantly, we have pleased customers vouching for our expertise right at our back!

Our main and only priority is the satisfaction of our fellow customers. And our customers are also our motivation to be better! We are constantly keeping our skills and knowledge in check to make sure that we can bring nothing but contentment to our customers! By engaging with our handyman services, we can assure you that you are in very safe hands!

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