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Floor tiles are amazing outfits for the flooring; they add a certain aesthetic to the floor of your home. Whether is it the bathroom floor tiles, the living room or the kitchen, no matter where is it, you will need to go through a floor tile repair or a floor tile replacement after some time. Ceramic tiles will crack or even come unhinged after some time. There will also be moments where you dropped things with a loud bang and there, a chip or a crack will appear on your tiles.  And that is the start of your miserable life, where your mother or spouse nags on you because the sight of (an) imperfect tiles is definitely an eyesore to them.

Floor tiles are a great replacement for hardwood because it is water resistance, easy to clean and of course, beautiful as it is! Floor tiles these days come in different kind of shapes, designs and colours. So, there is definitely something out there for you and your home. Now the million dollar question will be, do you deal with the floor tile repair or floor tiles replacement with your own bare hands? Will it be easier if we just call in a professional?

Replacing Floor Tiles Yourself or Call in the Professional?

While we type into the search engine for ways to replace and fixed tiles by ourselves, there may be 101 ways out there on how you can Do It Yourself (DIY). But is it really durable and worth it in the long run? Can we fix floor tiles and make it look like it is done by a pro? Will it stay good as new for the years to come?

Floor tile repair or floor tiles replacement can be quite tricky and time consuming if you do not handle it well. There are proper steps like breaking old tiles before replacing them with new ones, installing a new layer of water resistant flooring then only the new tiles can be installed. One wrong move and you may damage your subfloor. Floor tiles repair also consist of painting it, filling it up with ceramic, scrubbing it, sanding it and so on. Floor tiles repair sounds relatively easier as compared to floor tiles replacement but it is still safer to call in a skilled installer. It is also an option to keep extra tiles with you just in case only a couple of your tiles need to go through the repair.

Also, depending on the size of the room, it may take up to a few days if you were to do it by yourself. Hire a skilled handyman and you will be able to save on another round of floor tile repair in the near future. Plus point is that your floor tiles will look great and not like it has been through war. I mean, we are after all just amateurs and shabby works are, without a doubt, our doings.

Right sizing the tiles for replacement

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Choosing the Style for Floor Tiles Replacement

On a lighter note, if you are ever in a dilemma, not knowing which design, colour, shape or style of floor tiles you want; here are a few current 2019 trends. Hopefully this will strike a little inspiration in you and able to keep your house in trend!

  1. Geometric tiles

Sick and tired of the usual square-ish floor tiles that you always see? Just because you are living in a well-aged home, does not mean that you can’t keep up with trends! Well, just get some floor tiles replacement done by getting geometric ones. This 2019, try something different by stepping out of your comfort zone! #newyearresolution #newyearnewfloortiles

  1. Marble tiles

Marble will always have its own special place in the hearts of home owners. It is something classic and ageless that is here to stay for a long time. Which is why in 2019, marble floor tiles are still in trend!

  1. Earth tone coloured tiles

Warm and earthy tone colours are in trend tin 2019. Its realistic wood looking tiles will make you feel like you time-travelled to when wood is the main material for flooring. Faux wood tiles definitely checked the old school & vintage off the page!

  1. Flower tiles for a smaller space

Things may get a little mundane from time to time, so why not consider getting flower patterned floor tiles for a smaller space, like the bathroom, the next time you are thinking of floor tiles replacement?  It allows you to unwind after a long day out and very refreshing for the eyes!

Getting the Right Floor Tile Professional

I am sure this article covered just the surface regarding floor tile repair and floor tiles replacement. So if there are still more questions regarding floor tile repair and floor tiles replacement, do not hesitate to reach out to us here +65 6871 8971. Our handyman who is a skilled floor tiles installer will be able to help out with most of your floor tile repair works! Making it look as good as new!

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