LED Light Installation in Singapore

Light-Emitting Diode lights or LED lights are the latest trend in town because of its energy-efficiency leading to low consumption of electricity. The evolution of light bulbs will not stop here. From tungsten filaments light bulbs to halogen light bulb and compact fluorescent bulbs, we have a new break through with LED lights.

With low electricity consumption, the manufacturers and suppliers of LED lights have been promoting aggressively for LED light installation as a replacement of conventional lights. They compare the monetary amount which one will save if you install the LED light and use it for long period of time. Indeed the cost savings can be substantial.

Why Should You Install LED Lights?

Other reasons for choosing LED light installation instead of compact fluorescent light and incandescent light installation?

  1. Besides energy efficiency, LED light also last many times longer than ompact fluorescent and incandescent lights.
  2. LED light is not just durable in terms of how long it will last, it is also harder to break.
  3. In terms of brightness and heat, LED light appears brighter and definitely gives out less heat.

LED light has created a new wave of light replacement. You can purchase LED light from many light shops, electrical stalls and online.

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Our LED Installation Services

Our handyman electrician will be glad to help you with your home and office LED light installation. Contact us now at +65 6871 8971 for an immediate response!

Fixing New LED Light

LED Light installation by Qualified Electrician

LED light installation and replacement is not as straight forward as LED light purchase. You will need to be careful when it comes to electrical installation. If your electrical connection is incorrectly done, your LED light may be damaged or there can be serious problems and injury. Worst if someone is electrocuted. As such, you may wish to connect your most trusted electrician who is able to perform electrical installation reliably.

Whether it is residential or commercial premises, it is time for everyone to save electricity by installing LED light. Most importantly, we must make the cost of replacing the existing lights with LED lights affordable to everyone.

Comparing Different Types of Light Bulbs

tungsten filaments, compact fluorescent and LED lights

Our LED light installation and Replacement Services

You can be assured that we charge reasonably and economically when it comes to LED light installation. We believe in helping all our clients to save as much cost as possible from their electricity bills. You will find the savings from electricity consumption many times higher than the cost of LED light installation or replacement.

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