Water Heater Installation and Repair

Water heater installation is common in Singapore and other countries because of greater affluent and lower cost of installing a water heater. If we need a water heater in such a hot climate like Singapore, water heater installation will be more common in other countries with cooler climate.

Most water heaters can last you a long time and they seldom give you problem. If they do give you problem within one or two years, it is commonly the result of inappropriate or incorrect installation. If such issues occur, you should call for a qualified water heater installation specialist to troubleshoot and rectify the issue. A water heater installation professional should have knowledge in electrical wiring and plumbing work because he is handling both electrical and plumbing issue at the same time when installing or repairing a water heater.

Types of Water Heater

We can broadly classify water heater into 3 types:

  1. Electric Instant Water Heater;
  2. Electric Storage Water Heater; and
  3. Gas Storage Water Heater.

Storage water heater, whether it is electricity or gas heated, stores water in a tank, heats it up and dispense it for usage. It usually takes some time for the water to be heated up. For gas storage water heater, the water is heated up using gas. For electric storage water heater, the water is heated up using electricity. The storage tank is usually located at a distance from the bathroom so that the bathroom can be more aesthetically designed.

Electric instant water heater do not have any storage tank. It heats up water instantly. However, user frequently comment that the flow of heated water from such instant water heater is not as strong as the water tank heater.

Electric instant water heater tends to be cheaper than storage water heater. In addition, the electricity consumption for electric instant water heater also tend to be more energy efficient as compared to storage water heater. Another issue with storage water heater is that they may leak after some period of usage, depending on the type of storage water heater you purchased.

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Our Water Heater Installation Services

Have a peace of mind when you hire our qualified specialists to perform the installation of your water heater. With our experience and track records, you can be assured of the highest level of safety standard at affordable price.

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Water Heater Installation

As mentioned earlier, a water heater installation specialist must have both electrical and plumbing knowledge to perform a good job. Most importantly, he must put safety as the top most priority when performing water heater installation. There are many plumbers or electricians who claim that they can install the water heater affordably for you. However, are they really qualify and reliable? You do not want a situation where your family member is injured or electrocuted by the water heater. As such, the installation of water heater must not be taken lightly.

Contact us today for qualified and experienced water heater installation professionals to perform the installation work.

Common Water Heater Problems

Common water heater problems are as follows:

  1. Storage water tank leaking
  2. Water heater not delivering hot water
  3. Main circuit trips when water heater is switched on
  4. Low water pressure

Engage our water heater specialist so that we can inspect your water heater on the spot and rectify it as soon as possible. We will also advise you if it is financially feasible to repair the water heater or it is better for you to install a new water heater.

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Comparing Different Types of Water Heater

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Our Water Heater Installation Specialist

We place your safety as the top most concern and ensure that the electrical wiring and plumbing connection does not lead to accidents, injuries or death. Contact the most responsible water heater installation specialist today at +65 6871 8971.

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